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      Olympics 2004
 Romanian Gymnastics Team

Ponor Catalina
  Sofronie Daniela
  Rosu Monica
  Eremia Alexandra
  Ban Oana   (retired)
  Stroescu Silvia (retired)
  Munteanu Andreea
  Urzica Marius
  Dragulescu Marian
  Suciu Ioan
  Potra Dan
  Selariu Razvan
  Popescu Daniel
coach: Belu Octavian

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                               Camelia MINDRICEL

Nick name:
Date of birth:
Gender: Female
Height:                        Weight:
Marital status:
Children: None
Place of birth:
Start discipline:
First int. event:
Nat. team since:
Head coach:
Assistant coach:
Best apparatus/cat.

Favourite tricks:           
Personal tricks:
highest score:
Music #1                      Author #1


1992 Europeans, Nantes, France: 18th AA
1992 Hungarian Int'l , Budapest, Hungary: 4th AA
1992 Balkan Championships, Athens, Greece: 1st Team, 7th AA

Following her success, Camelia wanted to stay at Ploiesti and train with her mother, a decision which wasn't exactly popular with the National team coaches. They decided to take both Gabriela Agachi and Camelia Mandricel to the European Championships and decide who will compete when they get to Lausanne (they had already decided the other two team members would be Gina Gogean and Vanda Hadarean) .
Once they got there, the coaches waited until the deadline -the day before the competition- to name Camelia as the third member of the team. By that point, both Camelia and Gabriela had been under so much pressure, it was pointless to let any of them compete. Camelia finished a disappointing 18th in the AA.

Camelia was very vocal in her criticism of the selection procedure used by the coaches, and in an interview on Romanian television, she said she repeatedly pleaded with the coaches to let Gabriela compete, instead of playing a waiting game, but they refused.

Camelia never went back to Deva, partly because she didn't think she would be allowed to keep her spot on the National team. She went back to Ploiesti, where she kept busy between ballet performances, school, and coaching at her home club.

Corina Ungureanu and Nicoleta Onel are just two of the gymnasts she coached during her stay at Ploiesti, and both of them have the beautiful form and body line that became/was Camelia's trademark.

Camelia pursued her studies at the University in Ploiesti, eventually accepting a coaching position in the kingdom of Jordan in the middle east. There, she coaches the junior National team. Her gymnasts have had very good results, e.g., winning gold, silver, and bronzes at the 1999 International meet in Tunisia.

Camelia recently traveled to Montreal to coach her gymnast Yasmin Kheir (JOR) to a 6th place all around standing at the 2002 Gymnix International.

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    Romanian Gymnastics at
         Athens Olympics 2004
NOC        Total

  4   3   3  10

  2   6   1    9

  1   1   2    4
         Detailed medal count

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