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      Olympics 2004
 Romanian Gymnastics Team

Ponor Catalina
  Sofronie Daniela
  Rosu Monica
  Eremia Alexandra
  Ban Oana   (retired)
  Stroescu Silvia (retired)
  Munteanu Andreea
  Urzica Marius
  Dragulescu Marian
  Suciu Ioan
  Potra Dan
  Selariu Razvan
  Popescu Daniel
coach: Belu Octavian

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                            ANA MARIA BICAN

Nick name:Nana
Date of birth: 03-Mar-1980
Gender Female
Height : 150.0 / 4.9ft          Weight: 38.0kg / 83.8lb
Marital status
Place of birth:
Hometown: Onesti
Profession: student
Start discipline: 1987
First int. event
Nat. team since
Club: Sc Onesti
Head coach: Toma Ponoran
Assistant coach
Best apparatus/cat.

Favourite tricks:           
Personal tricks
highest score
Music #1                      Author #1

General Interest
A talented young gymnast who started gymnastics in Onesti when she was six. Vault is her favourite apparatus. She came in Deva National Center in 1993, together with her coach Toma Ponoran.
Ana Maria is a fan of electronic games. She also likes reading novels of Agatha Chtistie.

    Romanian Gymnastics at
         Athens Olympics 2004
NOC        Total

  4   3   3  10

  2   6   1    9

  1   1   2    4
         Detailed medal count

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