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     Beijing 2008  
Steliana Nistor
  Sandra Raluca Izbasa
Alina Georgiana Stanculescu
 Loredana  Mihaela Sucar
  Roxana Stan 
  Daniela Druncea
  Elena Cristina Chiric*
  Floarea Leonida*
(*returned for Worlds)
  2007 Seniors:
 Aluissa Bianca Lacusteanu
  Andreea Grigore
  Andra Stanescu
 Madalina Daniela Gutu
  Ana Maria Tamarjan
  Adriana Tamarjan
  2008 Seniors:
Cerasela Stefania Patrascu
  Alexandra Ghita
  Andreea Acatrinei
Gabriela Dragoi
Nicolae Forminte (main)
Liliana Cosma
  Catalin Daniel Meran
  Marius Razvan Vintila
  Lucian Sandu
  Raluca Bugner

Marius Daniel Berbecar
 Adrian Bucur
 Ovidiu Buidoso
Marian Dragulescu
 Cosmin Iancu
 Alin Sandu Jivan
 Flavius Koczi
 Florin Nebunu
 Bogdan Stefan Orzata
 Cosmin Popescu
 Daniel Ilie Popescu
 Dan Nicolae Potra
 Razvan Dorin Selariu
Robert George Stanescu Andrei Suciu
 main coach Dan Grecu

  Athens 2004   
Catalina Ponor
  Daniela Sofronie
  Monica Rosu
  Alexandra Eremia
  Oana Ban   
  Silvia Stroescu
  Andreea Munteanu
coach: Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
 coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

 Urzica Marius
  Dragulescu Marian
  Suciu Ioan
  Potra Dan
  Selariu Razvan
  Popescu Daniel

 Main coach: Dan Grecu


   A Romanian Gymnastics Fan at World Gymnastics Championships

   ...I have returned from the World Championships in Aarhus. The scores have been known for nearly a week, so there seems little to add.

   I know the results for Romania were not as high flying as one would have dreamed (a fourth place women's team finish is rough), but I think the women made an excellent debut for a fresh team. If they can get a little more depth, they'll totally rock. As for Dragulescu, man, what a credit he is to gymnastics; a real Romanian national treasure.

   But this World's looks fated to go down as the story of the rise of the Chinese--and the return of the Cold War to gymnastics.

   Forgive my cheering a Ukrainian, but I was most excited by Krasnyanska's gold on beam. I've been watching that amazing Russian lever routine she does for at least a year and a half, now, and seeing her finally grab a gold medal for it was completely awesome to me. And it should be noted that her uneven bars routine from, I think, the previous night, looked INCREDIBLE--until she flubbed in the middle. But it too shows spectacular promise, and I'm eager to see it get perfected; it could become the bars equivalent of that crowd-pleasing Russian lever. I love the Romanians, but on a personal note I'd pick Krasnyanska as my highlight! ;-)
    Three things were clear to me at the event:
1) The Romanians are the proudest gymnastics fans on earth (evident in part from the giant flag -see photo at right by Andrew Kerr- draped against the wall behind the balance beam)*
[*nice to hear that, it's our Project]
2) Marian Dragulescu is Romania's gymnastics MVP bar none, and
3) while coming up short of (probably what were always over-inflated) expectations, the women's team shows great promise.

     To brush the negative out of the way first, clearly a fourth place finish for Romania's women's team came as something of a shock. It's also clear that few saw China's dominance coming; this clearly shifted a lot of things around. I would proffer (not as an expert, but as one who likes to proffer on things he knows nothing about) that the Romanian women's team actually did extremely well considering how untested they were.

    The last thing I want to see is the coaches "get tough" on the athletes in some sort of B&Bish Draconian way in an overreaction to this first major competition result. And Sandra Izbasa's silver is nothing to sneer at.
    It seems with the deft movement of a few more chess pieces the Romanians could be back on the podium--and on top--again.

     On Dragulescu's two medals, I think the crowd seemed to favor Diego Hypolito's floor exercise to Dragulescu's, if only because it appeared to our admittedly untrained eyes that Dragulescu had made some sort of mistake on one of his passes, and Hypolito's routine looked flawless. But I suspect the degree of difficulty must account for Dragulescu's higher score. And as for the vault, what can I say? Vintage Dragulescu. In a peculiar way I'm glad he fell from the high bar--it proved that he was actually human. ;-)

   As for the personal experience of being in Aarhus, the weather went from drizzly to monsoon-like during the first few days of major competition, but the sun made a welcome appearance on Saturday.
   We saw a lot of gymnasts wandering about town, but I didn't catch sight of the Romanians, or at least not knowingly. We stayed in a small town called Ry, 30 minute's train ride from Aarhus, for the first two nights of major competition, and then (very luckily) snagged a hotel room in the Aarhus Cabb Inn for Friday and Saturday.

    Nothing beats seeing this stuff live, so I would encourage all gymnastics fans to try to experience a gymnastics meet in person at least once! :-)

   Andrew Kerr
    Atlanta, USA


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