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   Athens 2004   
Catalina Ponor
  Daniela Sofronie
  Monica Rosu
  Alexandra Eremia
  Oana Ban   (retired)
  Silvia Stroescu (retired)
  Andreea Munteanu
coach: Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
 coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

  Urzica Marius
  Dragulescu Marian
  Suciu Ioan
  Potra Dan
  Selariu Razvan
  Popescu Daniel
 Main coach: Dan Grecu
RGF President  Nicolae Vieru
RGF WAG  Dir.Anca Grigoras

  Sydney 2000
  (Gold Team+4 medals)
 Simona Amanar
  Loredana Boboc
  Andreea Isarescu
  Maria  Olaru
  Claudia Presecan 
  Andreea Raducan

    Atlanta 1996
   (Bronze Team + 7 medals)
   Simona Amanar
  Gina Gogean
  Ionela Loaies
  Alexandra Marinescu  
  Lavinia Milosovici  
  Mirela Tugurlan

  Barcelona 1992
   Cristina Bontas
  Gina Gogean
  Vanda  Hadarean 
  Lavinia Milosovici  
  Maria Neculita
  Mirela Pasca
  (Silver Team + 4 medals)

  Seoul 1988
Aurelia Dobre
  Eugenia Golea
  Celestina Popa 
  Gabriela  Potorac
  Daniela Silivas 
  Camelia Voinea
  (Silver Team + 8 medals)

 Los Angeles (US) 1984
Lavinia  Agache
 Laura  Cutina
 Cristina  Grigoras  Simona Pauca
 Stanulet  Mihaela  
 Szabo Ecaterina
 (Gold Team + 9 Medals)

 Moscow (USSR) 1980
 Nadia  Comaneci
 Rodica Dunca
 Emilia  Eberle
 Cristina Grigoras  
 Melita Ruhn
 Dumitrita Turner
 (Silver Team + 6 medals)

 Montreal (CAN) 1976
 Nadia Comaneci
 Mariana  Constantin
 Georgeta  Gabor
 Anca  Grigoras
 Gabriela Trusca 
 Teodora Ungureanu
  (Silver Team + 6 medals+1 MAG)

 Rome (Italy) 1960
 (Bronze team)
 Melbourne (AUS) 1956

 (Bronze team + 1 Medal)


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[Oct 14] Romanian gymnastics championships- women's AA
Sandra Izbasa
is the new Romanian gymnastics National Champion (AA).

[Oct 14] Romanian gymnastics Nationals- opinions
Oana Ban, member of the Athens Golden Team: "The girls didn't look in good shape; they already become young ladies and this have had a negative effect on their evolutions. Catalina Ponor had a great balance beam evolution; Floarea looks good, the only one who seems to be in good shape."

[Oct 14]
Women's contest at Romanian gymnastics National Championships
Catalina Ponor have had a great balance beam evolution (9.70) During today contest at Romanian gymnastics National Championships. The Athens's Queen get warm applause's from the Bacau crowd who came to see her last evolution's in a national contest. Floarea Leonida scored 9.200 at uneven bars and 9.25 on balance beam. Alexandra Eremia get 9.25 on balance beam.

[October 14] Mens contest -Romanian gymnastics championships
Team competition: 1st place- CSS Dinamo Erbasu Dinamo (Dan Potra, Razvan Selariu, Daniel Popescu, Ioan Suciu, Marius Urzica, Marian Dragulescu)-217.75 points;
2 CSS Bistrita (national junior team)194.20;
3.CSS Resita -194.05.
AA contest:
1.Razvan Selariu (54.8);
2.Flavius Coczi (CSS Bistrita, 54.30 puncte);
3. Adrian Bucur (CSM Sfântu Gheorghe) 52.15 puncte;
4. Ioan Suciu (Dinamo);
5. Alin Jivan (Steaua)
6. Dan Potra (Dinamo).

Monica Rosu is expected to compete today, too-Romanian State TVR has announced that the RGF president Vieru and the Bacau county sport agency director have convinced her to push her limits and compete, despite her injury. Monica will compete along her former teammates Floarea Leonida, Alexandra Eremia and Catalina Ponor.

[October 11] Monica Rosu injured.... and out from Nationals
Monica Rosu has twisted her left leg and will not be able to participate at the National Championships at the end of the week, the Romanian State TVR1 has reported this evening.

Volunteers can now register for the London Games
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Romanian gymnastics National Championships at TV
The Romanian gymnastics National Championships (Bacau, 14-15 Oct) will be aired on TVR 2 as follows:
Friday, October 14: 12,00-14,00 / Men's AA
                                17,00-18,30/Women's AA
Saturday, October 15 : 11,00-14,00/ Apparatus Finals
[Oct 7] Happy Birthday, Simona Amanar!
You may post your messages for her into our Forum. Our forum member Sara (thank you) has reminded us all October anniversaries:
 2:Izabela Lacatus
 7: Simona Amanar
10:Daniela Trandafir
20:Aurelia Gheba
21:Lavinia Milosovici
22: Camelia Andronic,Emanuela Ungurean
23:Sabina Cojocar, Mirela Barbalata, Eleanora Dragnea
24:Luminita Zavod

[Oct 7] Marian Dragulescu is back in shape...but facing the competitors
After his US (almost) failure- but good life lesson ("dogs don't walk with pretzel on their tails"-Romanian saying), "marocanul" come back to train, even harder than before and in better shape. "He even stay after program, when the other are gone" says source close to the team. Dragulescu is trying to surprise his competitors, by preparing a strong exercise at horizontal bar, an exercise with staring value from "10". He also have two good vaults (from "10", too). "He still have to work more to finish his floor exercise"- said coach Dan Grecu in an interview for TVR1.

October anniversaries
October   7: Simona Amanar
October 20: Ioan Suciu
You may post your greeting messages into our Forum

Romanian gymnastics fans opinions
Underneath all the so-called scandals, isn't the main underlying issue rocking the Romanian gymnastics world right now a power struggle between Romanian gymnastics coaches?
B&B have dictated elite gymnastics policy in Romania for decades, and I suspect other coaches realize that this is not exactly how a democracy is supposed to work.

Thanks for your excellent coverage. :-)

I just want to say that I really hope that Rosu and Eremia are OK and healthy enough for competition.
I'm the team's biggest fan from Guyana.
Thank you
Christina Persaud

Romanian-gymnastics.com in few more languages
We have added a new option for our worldwide readers: the instant translation of our news page into few more languages.

Exclusive! Exclusive! Exclusive!
Daniela Sofronie retirement interview
-Hello Daniela, how are you?
-Fine, just finished the work for today at my new job.
-Tell me more about you job; it's for real or a "paper-only"?
-It's a real job, I'm going there every day after school at the county Sport Department and work for few hours. One of my first duties consist of... (read more)

[Oct 03]
Daniela Sofronie new Fan Mail address
You can now write directly to Daniela Sofronie, using this new fan mail address:
Miss Daniela Sofronie
c/o Directia Judeteana pentru Sport Constanta
str.Ion Banescu nr.2,
Constanta, zip code 900 669
judetul (county) Constanta
Romania, Europe

[Oct 3] Coming this week:
EXCLUSIVE interview with Dana Sofronie
Fan mail address of Dana
Romanian gymnastics fans opinions

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