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     Beijing 2008  
Steliana Nistor
  Sandra Izbasa
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  Athens 2004   
  Catalina Ponor
  Daniela Sofronie
  Monica Rosu
  Alexandra Eremia
  Oana Ban   
  Silvia Stroescu
  Andreea Munteanu

coach: Octavian Belu
coach Mariana Bitang
 coach Nicolae Forminte
coach Lucian Sandu

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m [25.09] Exclusive! Oana Ban, first interview-at-large ...

...Just few days ago, parents went to Deva to bring Oana Ban some clothes for the cold season. Some rainy, cold days make them think the cold season may come sooner than expected and Deva city is nearby a mountain region, which make the medium temperatures being lower than most of the country.

To their surprise, Oana Ban has said to her coaches and parents that she want to quit gymnastics! This is her version and the "official" version, too, but... for anybody close to Romanian gymnastics as our contacts are there, we are pretty sure that Oana didn't want tell Belu such about such a decision without having her parents nearby to support her.

Our Deva contacts have advised us about her quitting Deva, three days ago. We thought that she may change her mind and we have resisted to temptation of using this "news", because we want her to have a chance to think more and maybe change her minds in the peace of her home, maybe after few more discussions with her parents.Only Friday evening, after we were sure her decision is final (as final it can be these days, with Silvia Stroescu having a Gold Medal after...her "retire", just few days before the team left Bucharest for Athens, see our site stories back in July-August) and she already started to speak with the press about it, we used the info.

Oana Ban's (parents) home is located in Cluj-Napoca city, one of the most beautiful and civilized cities in Romania (opposite with Bucharest and his tons of garbage's and street with smog, dust...).

Oana Ban was already posing for a Romanian newspaper and her sister, asked us to wait few moments.We spoke about Oana and heard some interesting facts about her life, which we will share with you in second part of this story.Girls knows our site and appreciate our work and like to help us help their fans to know more about Oana.

Q: Oana, can you tell us why did you do this?
Oana Ban: I am too tired, I am sure I can't get any more same results and I was disappointed couldn't compete in AA at Athens. I would rather prefer to put a stop now on gymnastics, than ending my career with some lousy results. (She seems to be very firmly and little bit frowned saying this, her decision seems to be final but she still seems to have regrets on ending her carrier).

Q: But don't you want to compete next WC?
Oana Ban
: I don't now if I could be able to compete very soon at same level, my legs can make me not even to make the team for any major contest, for another year. It was difficult for me to compete any more, I have had problems going back at training.
Q: wow, this is hard to hear; didn't thought about this.Just wonder, did Mr.Belu and Mrs. Bitang asked you, have even insisted to stay longer?
Oana Ban: They told me is my decision, but didn't pushed me to stay if I feel I don't want.
Q: well, this is a change and a new thing for me to hear, whatever...
Q: Did you compete in Athens with pains?
Oana Ban: No, in Athens I don't have had any pains before the third line at floor exercise.After that, the pain "killed me", but I know I have to finish the exercise.
Q.: Did you have a serious medical check on your leg before Athens?
Oana Ban:
I have had a RMN (magnetic resonance radiography, a full and effective scan, deep into bones structures) on my leg, back in February I think, since then I didn't have any more pains.
Q.: Did you get the money prizes for Athens?
Oana Ban:
Not yet, but I spoke with Dana Sofronie and she get them, probably I will take mines, soon.
Q: But they give you a check or what, because there is no press report about money, nobody said how you may get them?
Oana Ban: Dana told me we have to pick up the money from "Trezorerie" ( The State official bank, where taxes goes), they gave us a document and we just have to go there, show it and get our money.

Q: What plans you have for future?
Oana Ban:
First, will start my classes, on October 1st, at local Sport University. This is my top priority now, I want to become a coach. Q: But you don;t have to wait four years to become a coach, didn't they told you in Deva?...
Oana Ban:
No, how that comes ? (being surprised)
Q: very simple, there are two different things: If you go at University (four years), you will have the " sport teacher" title and a (little) better salary; also you can have sport classes, teaching students on sport at any school. Being a coach (training athletes) is different, you can do this simply by going to National Coach School, which is right next to yours Bucharest hotel where you have stayed before Olympics.These courses are only two years long, have a more flexible and very affordable classes and easy to follow lessons. This year they have six places for gymnastics only and ten days ago they even don't have candidates!
Oana Ban: never heard about us, they don't tell us much about such things.
at least about gymnastics they should teach you more, advise you about your careers in gym, but maybe they (Federation) were caught by surprise about your leaving. Let's say that, rather than they don't care much about yours future in general or in gymnastics...
Q.: Oana, we have another urgent problem. We are flooded with messages and requests (most sound like bagging us) from world wide fans, about contact team girls, sending them letters and so on. We have asked coach "X" to advise girls and their parents (or asking Federation to do) to make available a special address for fans. Did coach "X" told you anything like this?
Oana Ban: no, nobody told us.
Q. Also we have used the email which Mrs. Bitang gave us (but she told us it wasn't used by her since left Deva, back in April), but we didn't get answers since they return to Deva.
Oana Ban: We have two computers in Deva, one is broken and second is full of viruses or something, it stops all the time.
Q.: But they have now an Internet connection in Deva?
Oana Ban:
No, they don't.
Q. Do you have one?
Oana Ban: No, at this moment not any more at my home, hope to have one soon.
can we both work on this, to have available a public address where your world wide fans can write directly to you, sending post cards or even some small (un-taxable by custom...) gifts? Many have asked us where to send a small puppet or something like this, I don't like to give them un unsafe address, they have to know you get the letters.I suggest you to use a special address for this, like... [edited by site admin].
Oana Ban: Yes, you can give that to them.
Q. will check about details and next week will publish this one.

(end of part one; second part click here )

Photos: Oana Ban private colection, reprinted with permission

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